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Website Design

Your website - a gateway to your audience

There is more to a good website than just having a website – your website needs to represent your brand effectively, be easy to navigate, be secure, and be engaging to those who visit it.  Customers will be wanting to find out more about your business, look for information on how to contact you or purchase your goods and/or services online.

One size doesn't fit all

KT Design loves creating websites for our clients and we believe that one size doesn't fit all. We work with you to see what you want to achieve and then tailor the solution for your requirements. Whether you want a new site or are looking to refresh your existing site we can ensure you get a site that works well for your needs.

We work with a number of platforms - every platform has it's pros - and cons and we'll work through that with you. You may need (and want) a custom and highly complex WordPress site to meet your business requirements, or you may find a more templated Rocketspark site better suited to your needs. We're a certified Rocketspark partner, and you can have confidence that we'll deliver a high quality site for you.

If you'd like to find out more about our mobile-friendly website design, content development, or SEO services, contact us for a chat today!

Things to note:

It's important that your website meets a few basic requirements - these requirements will affect the ability of your site to climb the SEO rankings and to deliver effective communications between your organisation and your customers. 

Websites should be:

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) which display correctly on multiple devices.
  • Professional in conveying the mood, tone and values of your organisation clearly.
  • Secure so that users can have faith in your site and your business.

Digital Design Services

Maximising your online presence

Engaging with your clients - and potential clients is part of the equation. There are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around, but what do they mean and how can we help?

Digital Billboards

Getting your message out in a high impact large format medium to reach a different audience and entice them to further investigate. Digital Billboards can rotate to feature multiple messages.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO can be seen as a bit of a dark art, and from time to time the back-end requirements for "good SEO" does change. It used to be that websites with regular content changes were seen as flaky (from an SEO perspective that is), and high resolution and high quality images were a no no (as this would result in a slow loading, poorly performing site). How times have changed!

It’s hard to keep up with all the requirements you need to meet in order for your site to achieve good search engine rankings, but KT Design are on top of it, and can advise you on changes to make.

Having a website with good SEO set up will:

  • make it easier for your potential customers to find you,
  • give you an edge over your competitors, and
  • potentially lower the spend on any online advertising campaigns you run. 

Content Development

KT Design can help you with the content for your site, posts or other online activities.

You could be thinking about carousel images for your website, images for your Facebook page or just needing some help around the wording of that Facebook post. We'll help make sure your message looks good, is grammatically correct and on-point for your messaging.

Social Media

The world of social media can no longer be ignored and without a doubt most businesses need to have a presence on at least one channel. It can be a minefield working out which channels you need to be on and creating content for those channels - your messaging might be quite different on Facebook as opposed to LinkedIn for example.

KT Design can create a suite of assets from branded templates to animated GIFs for use on these platforms and we can offer best-practice advice to ensure your message stands out from the rest.

Email Newsletters

If you have access to a captive audience (email database), a well designed and executed email campaign can help you capitalise on that data and keep in regular contact with your audience.

KT Design can create an on-brand email newsletter template ready for you to use, or we can execute your campaign end-to-end achieving the best results for your organisation.

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