Logo and Brand Design

Logo Design

Do you need a company or product logo designed?

A logo identifies you by use of a mark, symbol or signature. It’s the simplest form of identification of your company or product.

KT Design works with you to create a logo which will represent your business, product or club. We can make sure your logo design conveys the right message and gains recognition with both existing and potential customers.

We also work with you to develop a tagline or slogan which supports your logo and brand that can be used with marketing collateral and advertising campaigns.

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Brand Design

Do you need supporting brand elements to compliment your existing logo?

The KT Design team can create a fresh new brand to compliment your existing logo. It can then be rolled out in your stationery, marketing and promotional material, signage, packaging, company profiles and any other collateral. We can also establish it on a new or existing website.

Your new brand could include:

  • A tagline or slogan
  • Strategically selected corporate typefaces/fonts
  • Corporate and complimentary colours
  • Supporting visual elements such as icons, illustrations and infographics
  • Graphical elements and brand imagery
  • Photographic and written tone

KT Design will collate this information into a brand guideline to ensure your branding is followed consistently across your external and internal communications. This includes email signatures, letterhead templates and any other correspondence which you may want to create in-house.

We can also work with you to develop a tagline or slogan which supports your logo or brand, which will then become a complimentary design element that further enhances your brand message.

A brand refresh is a makeover for your company

It maintains a visual connection to how the brand was seen before. But the makeover is up-to-date, vibrant and captivating. With the brand refresh, new applications are phased in while keeping recognition between old and new.

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